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Consumer Rights

ABout Consumer Rights and Background Checks

Employment screening is a highly-regulated industry with built-in consumer protection safeguards that, when properly applied, result in a fair background check process that respects the right of employers to seek the most qualified applicants as well as the right of applicants to seek employment through an equitable and compliant process.

AtBackgrounds complies with the spirit and the letter of the law when it comes to protections afforded to applicants by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and individual states' consumer reports legislation.

Obtain a Copy of, or Dispute your Report

Obtaining a Copy of your Consumer Report and/or Disputing an Item on your Report

While errors in reporting consumer records are rare, they can occur. AtBackgrounds strives to quickly assist consumers who feel an item in their report is not accurate by providing a fast and convenient dispute resolution process. 

Do we Have a Report on You? 
AtBackgrounds would only have a report on you if it was ordered, with your written consent, by an employer you applied for work with. We do not generate or keep consumer reports on the general public or host any records databases.

Get a Copy of your Report and/or Dispute Something in your Report - Requests are processed same day. While you do not need to have a copy of your report on hand to begin the dispute and reinvestigation process, it helps move the process along most efficiently.

Useful Consumer Links

Consumer Reports and Employment Resources

The Links below provide access to a wealth of knowledge and information regarding background checks, consumer rights and employment. We invite you to become informed (external sites).