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AtBackgrounds delivers fast, compliant background checks and drug screening services tailored to the specific needs of each employer. Featuring the Employment Screening industry's most robust and flexible employee screening platform and an experienced team of seasoned professionals with over 35 years’ experience, AtBackgrounds is the right choice for employers of any size. Learn how AtBackgrounds can help streamline your hiring process and reduce time to hire. Work with a screening company that will earn your business every single day, with every single order. Contact AtBackgrounds today for complimentary review of your current screening program.

Employee Screening Made Simple

You Submit

Enter applicant information, select services from your own custom packages or a la carte options, review order and GO. For enterprise clients, we are pre-integrated with all major ATS systems, making setup fast and simple.

We Process

Screening work begins immediately. AtBackgrounds' intelligent systems automatically engage the most efficient method to fulfill your request, whether it's a direct electronic court connection or a local court records researcher.

You Hire

All information returned to you is FCRA compliant. Make your hiring decision with confidence. We’ll take care of the required applicant notifications and keep you up to date on relevant compliance issues.

Welcome to AtBackgrounds

AtBackgrounds offers employers a screening partner second to none. Our company was founded by a group of seasoned industry executives who understand there is a better way to leverage technololgy and experience in background checks than what the competition offers. AtBackgrounds adheres to Employment Screening Industry best practices.

Background Checks

Employment Screening 
A single bad hire can cripple your business and damage your reputation. Let us worry about clearing your candidate’s background so you can get on with what you do best. From prospective employees to volunteers and student interns, AtBackgrounds flexible programming and advanced systems easily accommodate even the most complex background screening requirements for organizations of all types.

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Drug Testing & Alcohol Screening

Lab-based and Instant Drug Testing   |  Oral Fluids and Urine Testing
Abuse of illicit and legal mind-altering substances impairs a worker’s ability to be productive, leads to higher absenteeism and has been shown to increase accidents and errors that can prove costly and damaging to the workplace. AtBackgrounds offers real solutions to employers seeking to achieve a substance abuse and drug-free workplace, from traditional lab-based testing to instant screening solutions designed to reduce costs and time-to-hire.

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Consumer Resources

Job Applicants have a number of specific rights when it comes to the employment screening process and the manner in which employers use background checks as part of a hiring decision. AtBackgrounds policies are designed to comply with consumer reporting laws. AtBackgrounds’ strives to protect consumer rights by providing employers who use our services clear compliance guidelines and requiring agreement to those guidelines before using our services.

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Employer Compliance

Employers today stand between a rock and a hard place. Not screening candidates places organizations at risk of negligent hiring liability. At the same time, screening practices that violate even minor technicalities of the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and individual states’ counterpart legislation guidelines place employers at risk of class action litigation. The truth is, FCRA compliance is not all that complicated. Follow a few basic rules and stay out of court.

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Powerful, Secure Technology

AtBackgrounds keeps your data safe through a proven three-pronged approach to system security and data handling practices, including multi-factor authentication, strong encryption and data security oriented policies.

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About AtBackgrounds

AtBackgrounds was founded by a talented team of Human Resources, Staffing and Employment Screening industry veterans with more than 30 years’ experience mitigating employment risk for small, medium and enterprise employers across the United States and Internationally. 

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